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:::JAN 21, '17::: Please note that all links are currently broken. I will be fixing this as soon as I find the time, however I don't expect that will be anytime real soon. Why not just bookmark this site so that you can stumble across it some day when you're bored and randomly exploring forgotten bookmarks? There is even a chance that something will be here when that day comes! Dallas Electrician

:::JAN 20, '17::: More than just books, libraries are places of information, offering people free access to a wealth of information that they often can't find elsewhere, whether online, in print or in person. Whether they're looking for DVDs or the latest best-seller; health or business information found on internet databases not accessible at home, or going for story times and community programming, the library is a center of community for millions of people.

But as much as I love libraries it is obvious that their time has come to an end. I just took the dive and bought myself a Kindle and wow! I can't believe what I have been missing. I started looking up for an instant pot cookbook because the instant pot is my second favourite toy, and I found the best instant pot cookbook by Craig Miller. Best of all it is a low carb cookbook, which is exactly what I need as I have been eating too much pizza lately.

Another cool piece of technology I found is the Spiralizer and Craig Miller has a great spiralizer cookbook as well. It makes eating vegetables fun again. But to really turn up the heat you need to read some books on fasting, but make sure you do your research first.

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